Sunday, 13 April 2014

Things I Suck At!...Beauty Edition.

Hello everyone!

Being bored at home today, naturally I decided to play around with my make up...and well, I discovered that there are somethings I really suck at! So today I thought I'd tell you some 'beauty related' things that I'm just really bad at! Mainly to re-assure myself that I'm not the only one, but also maybe to re-assure you too and show you that it's okay to suck at things sometimes...

So here are some 'beauty related' things that I REALLY suck at!

1. Cleaning my make up brushes- 
Every single time I sit down to do my make up, my brushes are always dirty! I have no excuse for this...I'm just lazy, and really need to invest in some of that instant brush cleaner!

2. Eye liner- 
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not too bad at applying eyeliner! The thing I suck at is applying it without pulling on my eye. I just can't do it! Although I think I need to train myself to...I'm not okay with getting wrinkles any earlier than I need to!

3. Smokey eyes- 
Somehow I always manage to go waaay over bored on my eye make up when I'm going out clubbing. I'm always that girl that the guys laugh at for having stereotypically black, heavy eye make up on...and it sucks! 

4. Bold Lipstick application-
Bold lipsticks intimidate the heck out of me! But I think that's just because I don't wear them too often. I'm absolutely rubbish at applying them, and I'm not really too sure why? Probably because they're scary...And I'm a weirdo.

5. False eyelashes- 
Another thing I suck at applying. False eyelashes. They're fiddly and stupid...I hate them! But they're so pretty and I wish I wasn't so incapable...Haha!

6. Nails-
When I was 17 everyone was getting their nails done for the ball and I had never had fake nails before, so I decided to buy some from the chemist and give them a go. All I can say is..HOW!? Mine lasted on my nails for about 12 hours, as I literally couldn't do anything! I couldn't pick anything up and I kept stabbing myself in the eyes when trying to apply my eyeliner. So I take my hat off to the girls that make it look so easy...then again I was probably just being a wuss.

Those are all the 'beauty related' things that I suck at. There's probably more, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who sucks at things!

Here is a beautiful example of what I wish my eye make up could look like everyday courtesy of Tumblr...
(Source: Tumblr)


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