Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Is Coming


Hello Everyone!

Although I am a big fan of Halloween, Christmas is always my favorite time of the year! Except for the fact that here in New Zealand it's boiling hot on Christmas day! It just feels wrong, you know? Christmas is 'stereotypically' filled with things like Snowmen, Christmas Robins, Bobble Hats and Scarves, Hot Chocolate by the fire, and of course the tacky Christmas Jumpers. But here in New Zealand, It's slightly different. It's about wearing minimal clothing to stay cool, cooking Christmas dinner on the BBQ outside, and building snowmen out of sand on the beach. I still find it bizarre, but hey...each to their own. 

As it's getting closer to the big day, I though I'd take a few snaps around our house to show you how beautifully mum has decorated this year. Plus some bonus photos from when me and my brother filmed my Christmas video, which I'll also link below. 

I'll be sure to take lots of photos on Christmas day as well! 

Mum saw this on Pinterest. It's our Advent Calender this year.


I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas! 


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