Monday, 30 June 2014

Miley Made Me Do It...

Hello there,

Now usually, I'm never the person to be well, 'Materialistic'. But what can I say....I've had a moment of weakness. 

For a while now, the EOS lip balms have been EVERYWHERE! They're said to be 'One of the best lip balms around' and every beauty blogger/vlogger has talked about them at some point. Now its my turn.

The lip balm comes in super cute packaging, smells amazing, and it keeps your lips supple and smooth. Plus its so easy to find in your purse, I'm not really sure why? Maybe the shape? But my favorite thing about it, is that in no way is it greasy or gloopy, like other lip balms I've tried. Personally I think that the only bad thing about it, is once it starts running out it can be a bit of a pain to apply to your lips. 

Anyway what I really wanted to talk about in this post is a celebrity's influence on us, when it comes to products they're advertising. I'm not usually the kind of person to take an interest in anything that celebrities advertise, although after watching Miley Cyrus's 'We Can't Stop' music video I couldn't help but give in to the quirkiness of the amazing EOS lip balms. I can't really explain why I was so intrigued by them, but I was and....I ended up buying four. Ooops! 

EOS Lip Balm in 'Strawberry Sorbet'

Does anyone else ever give into celebrity advertisement or even a super hyped up product? 


Monday, 23 June 2014

Your Tea- Tiny Tea Teatox: Review.

Hello there!

Sorry it's taken so long, but is my review on the 'Tiny Tea Teatox'.

Just over a month ago I received my beautifully packaged 28 day Teatox in the mail. After hearing so many positive reviews on it, I had to give it a go. All I can say is WOW!
It's amazing! Not only does it taste great but it did everything it claimed it would do...and more!

After the first few days of drinking it(Three a day/One after every meal) I saw and felt countless improvements in my body, and by the end of the 28 days I couldn't believe how well it had worked. I can honestly say 'Your Tea' impressed me more than any other purchase I've made, in which I had high expectations for.

After the 28 days were up, these were the improvements that I'd noticed:

- Eased my bloating dramatically!
- Cleared up my skin.
- Gave the impression of strong and healthy hair.
- A LOT more energy.
- Felt fuller for longer.
- I lost 4 pounds.

I must re-purchase this tea very soon! I'm feeling lost without it...My normal green tea just isn't cutting it.

If you're looking for something to ease your bloating, clear up your skin, boost up your energy levels or help you drop a few pounds, I couldn't recommend this tea enough. It's truly incredible! 

Just a disclaimer, this post was not sponsored by 'Your Tea', I just love it that much.

Has anyone else tried the 28 day Tiny Teatox?


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Health and Fitness #6: Green tea and a whole lot of water!

Hello everyone!

Yet again, it is time for another 'Health and Fitness' blog post.

When it comes to weight loss, everyone's always looking for some sort of miracle product which is going to give you the perfect bikini body in just 3 weeks! But lets be doesn't exist. As much as we all hate it, it does take hard work and a lot of patience to lose weight. Although there are ways of speeding up the process.

My mum's always told me the secret to losing weight is..'The more you drink, the more you shrink'. And no, drinking 2L of water a day isn't going to dramatically increase weight loss, but it does make a difference.

For the past few weeks, I've been drinking 2L of water a day plus 3 green teas(or my Tiny Teatox which I'll be writing a review on soon), and not only have I been losing weight but I'm no longer bloating,which was a big problem for me. Also my hair looks healthier and my skin seems to be glowing. 

So although it's not some miracle theory on how to drop weight super fast, drinking lots of water has really helped curb my appetite and also helped me lose a further 3 pounds. So drink up! :) 

My last cup of 'Your tea'


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Excited To Be Going Home.

Hello everyone!

This weekend after spending Saturday with my dad I realized just how excited I am to be going back home, to the UK. 

My dad has only just returned from his own trip back to the UK, and after hearing all the stories and seeing all the photos, and of course devouring all of  the English Goodies he brought back with him, I'm SUPER excited to be heading over there in July. 

We moved to New Zealand in 2003 and since then I've only been back home once, in 2007. This year my Nan is turning 80, and my mum's always had the idea of going back to celebrate with that's exactly what we're doing. 

Now I don't hate New Zealand by any means but, I've always considered England my 'Home' regardless of the fact that I've been living in New Zealand for so long. Back in 2003 I completely rebelled against the fact that we were moving away as the thought of it TERRIFIED me! So I spent the majority of my childhood very isolated which probably explains when I'm so socially awkward...or just awkward in general now. 

I'm so excited to be going back for SO many different reasons! First and foremost, I get to see my whole family again. Secondly, I wont only be blogging while I'm over there, but also VLOGGING! Which I've never really done before but to tell you the truth I'm actually quite excited to try. Thirdly, the huge variety of makeup, clothing brands and FOOD that are not sold in New Golden Nuggets, which are the best thing on the planet. And Lastly, I'll be making the huge decision of whether or not I'm going to be flying the nest and moving back there...WHAT!? AHHHH! 

To anyone who actually takes the time to read this post, firstly thank you, and secondly get ready for some crazy awkward blogging nearer July...



Monday, 2 June 2014

Permanently Straightening.

Hello everyone!

I am SUPER excited at the moment. It may not seem very exhilarating to you, but for have no idea.

Naturally, my hair is very 'unruly'. As a child I remember having blonde ringlets, but the older I got the crazier my hair became; so I turned to straightening it, which is why my hair is so damaged now. Getting it permanently straightened means a few things:

1. I wont have to deal with the frizz ball I once had.
2. I wont have to resort to straightening it everyday.
And 3. It wont take me a million years to get ready.

I'm not going to lie, getting your hair permanently straightened is a long and painful process. You have to sit in a chair for six hours straight. Endure the smell of the horrid chemicals they're putting on your head. Spend an hour constantly flinching when the straightening irons get too close to your ears, isn't the cheapest hair treatment. But of course for me, it's 100% worth it! I can't remember the last time I woke up and DIDN'T scream at myself in the mirror, because I thought a troll was trying to eat my head...

What did I do whilst sitting in a chair for six hours you ask? Well, that's something I kept asking myself before I left the house...but it turns out there were a few things that kept me amused. A huge stack of magazines, and I know it's wrong to listen in on other peoples conversations, but I loved listening to the group of older women getting their perms done gossiping and chatting about their husbands; they were hilarious! Also a teacher from the secondary school I went to was getting her hair done opposite me..needless to say she didn't recognize me as she started bitching and swearing about all her students....Naughty! You shouldn't be swearing like that Miss! ;)

All in all, I'm so pleased with how my hair turned out! I love it! If you're thinking about getting your hair permanently straightened, I'd definitely recommend it! I'm going to attach some pictures of my hair. Please excuse the before picture, my hair was horrid! It was super frizzy and my re-growth looked gross!(Luckily when my hair was straightened, it also lightened slightly so my re-growth isn't as noticeable)

Eeeek! No Make-up!

Has anyone reading this had their hair permanently straightened before? What did you do with your six hours?