Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cornetto Trilogy.

Hello everyone! 

Todays blog post is a little bit different....but I'm all for expressing and sharing what I love no matter how pointless or random. So for those of you who have never herd of it, I would like to introduce you to the 'Cornetto Trilogy'. If you're like me and watch way to many movies, or you're just looking for a new, funny, easy to watch movie for tonight, then hopefully you'll appreciate this blog post. 

When I was fifteen I was introduced to the movie 'Shaun Of The Dead'. I ended up loving it so much that I watching it EVERYDAY after school for the next two months, and to this day it still continues to be my favorite movie ever! Shortly after my two month obsession I watched the movie Hot Fuzz, which is also directed by Edgar Write, and both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost start as the two main characters. My mums boyfriend at the time was also a HUGE fan of the two movies and he's the person who told me about the Cornetto 'connection' between the two movies and also that they were planning to make a third movie to create the 'Cornetto Trilogy'. The excitement was real! Unfortunately in 2013 once the final movie came out my mum was no longer with her partner who originally introduced my to the 'Trilogy', but me and my mum went and saw 'The Worlds End', and it was sooo good! Although to me it felt like the end of an era, and I was pretty lame is that!? 

Best movie ever!
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Although these three movies aren't exactly a 'True Trilogy', they do have a related item(The Cornetto ice cream) and all three of the films have a similar running gag involving jumping over garden fences. For those of you who have no idea why the three movies are called the 'Cornetto Trilogy', I'll give you a quick heads up...

Each film in the trilogy is connected to a Cornetto ice cream, all with a different flavor. Shaun Of The Dead includes a strawberry flavored Cornetto to symbolize the blood in the movie. Hot Fuzz features the blue original Cornetto to symbolize the police uniforms, and The Worlds End includes the green mint chocolate chip Cornetto which signifys the alien and science fiction elements in the movie.  

(Source: Google)

So if you're looking for one...or three movies to watch tonight, please watch these! They're such a good laugh! And good to watch with anyone, your family, your friends, even your cat...I don't judge. 

Sorry if you're not into this type of blog post, but I think it's nice to do something different every once in a while. Plus I watched Shaun Of The Dead last night after not watching it in ageeees, and it just completely blew my mind! So I thought I'd share..

Does anyone else LOVE this 'Trilogy'?


Monday, 24 March 2014

To Much Information: Tag

Hello everyone!

So last night after indulging in an insane amount of YouTube videos, I came across Jim Chapman's 'To Much Information' Tag...and well, I kinda wanted to give it a go. After watching Jim's I also found a few other YouTubes who had done the same Tag, but with different questions. So I thought I'd do a big mash up of all the questions from all the Tags I watched, and answer them for you in one big glorious tag.

So here we go..

What are you wearing?
Boring, but...Pajama's! Because I'm all snuggled up in bed.

Have you ever been in love?

Ever had a terrible break up?
Yes, unfortunately. But I wont go into detail..

How tall are you?
I'm 174cm which is 5'8 I think?

Do you have any tattoos?
Nope, I'm to much of a wuss!

Any piercings?
I got my ears pierced when I was about three? My mum made the ladies do both ears at the same time, because she knew after getting the first one done I would have refused to do the second ear. Also I have my belly button pierced.

Your OTP?
Hmmm...I love Brad and Ange, Mila and Ashton aaaaand Adam and Behati. Cutiees! 

Last sport you played?
Growing up I wasn't really into sport. Although when I was 13 my good friend Luke got me into TaeKwon-Do, which I then got my mum into, who then got my brother into it. Me and my mum only made it to green belt but my brother is due to get his black belt soon. 

Favorite show?
Family guy! I've seen every single episode multiple times...

Zodiac sign?

Quality you look for in a partner?
A good sense of humor.

Favorite quote?
"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning how to dance in the rain." Loooove it.

Place you want to visit?
I would absolutely love to travel the world! But if I had to pick one place...I've always been interested in going to Singapore, and I'm so excited to be going there in July! Woohoo!

What instruments do you play?
The piano...a little.

The last book you read?
One of the 'Tomorrow when the war began' books. Such a good read!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Depends on where I'm going. If I'm not doing much, maybe like 20 mins. But if I'm going out somewhere, I'd say about an hour?

What is your biggest fear?
Sharks! I have a huge, huge phobia of sharks! Just talking about them makes me feel horrible.

What is the reason you started blogging?
During my photography course, we were made to write in a journal everyday to express our creativity. And mine got a little out of hand. I wrote in it all the time! It was almost like my own personal written blog. So one night after reading and enjoying countless amounts of blogs I found on Bloglovin', I decided to move my 'written blog' to the internet. And then if anyone was interested in what I was writing about they could stop by and have a read.

The reason for your blog name?
Again, it came from my photography course that I took last year. I was usually always the first person to show up as my bus ran pretty early, except for one of the more advanced students who always used to greet me when I walked through the door as 'Sezziee'. I'm still not really sure why? But the name stuck. :)

Who should answer these questions next?
You! Yes you. And don't forget to leave it in the comments, so I can hop over and give it a read.

Aaaand as I personally think a blog post doesn't look completely finished without a's one of the most random photos I've ever found on Tumblr!...Enjoy

(Source: Tumblr)


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Review: Kerastase Curl Definition Shampoo And Deep Conditioner.

About a month ago I wrote a blog post after me and my mum had gone shopping, to show you all the glorious things that I picked up. So today I thought I'd write a review on one of those purchases...The Kerastase Curl Definition Shampoo And Deep Conditioner. 

This was one of my naughty purchases as it was tad pricey, but c'mon we should all be aloud to spoil ourselves every once in a while. Unfortunately I wasn't too impressed. I like to think its because I had such high expectations for it, but I've used it about six or seven times now and my hair really doesn't like it. 

First of all, I'm really not keen on the smell! Even though every time I've used it people are always commenting on how nice my hair smells, so that must just be a personal preference of mine. 

Ewwww mustard!!

Secondly, this isn't necessarily bad....but doesn't the color of it just like gross! almost like mustard? Again probably just a personal preference, because I'm absolutely revolted by mustard.

And lastly, I felt like it completely stripped my hair of it's natural oils, and left it feeling super dry. Recently I've also been using the 'Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner', and without any hesitation I'd definitely pick using the Dove shampoo and conditioner over the Kerastase. 

I really did want to love this shampoo and conditioner, simply because I paid so much for it, but it really didn't impress me...And I'm definitely not one to complain but I don't think I'll be repurchasing this again.

Sorry Kerastase :(

Any hair treatments you've been loving at the moment? 


Friday, 21 March 2014

Cara Delevingne.

Hey everyone! 

Now some of you may argue that this is one of the most pointless blog posts of all time! But for those of you who care, I would like to share with you just how amazing this human being is. 

(Source: Google)
(Source: Google)
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(Source: Google)
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(Source: Google)

If you don't know...this is Cara Delevingne. 

I have a fair few amount of people that I look up to, as do most people. And for me personally, Cara is one of them. She is so funny and down to earth, she has a gorgeous toned body, and c'mon... just look at those eyebrows! I'm obviously a huge lover of fashion and I LOVE watching runway shows, whether it be Burberry or Victoria's Secret. In fact a few years ago I was seriously considering getting into modeling, after watching a family friend come second on NZ's next top model! 

So that is my little shpeal about the beautiful Cara Delevingne!

Anyone else LOVEEE Cara as much as me?


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Way Back When?!

Hello everyone! 

This is a bit of a random post today...But the other day I was stuck at home feeling very very bored! So I had the idea of going through one of my mums old hard drives to see all the old photos of us that were hidden on there. After stumbling into a folder named 'Wedding photos' I found this picture of me!

This was taken on June 23rd, 2011(My mums wedding day), back when I was 15. Now you may be thinking "Uhm...So Sarah, why are you showing us this?" Well my lovelies, I'd just like to point out that in this picture the only piece of make up I'm wearing is the tiniest bit of bronzer...Just to warm up my face slightly. And there were no blemishes, no under eye circles and no redness. What? How? 

I find it crazy that in the space of two years my skin can change so drastically! I'm not saying that I have REALLY bad skin now, it's just that I don't think I could get away with only wearing bronzer. I have combination/oily skin and lately I've been breaking out really bad! Also, because my sleeping patterns are usually all over the place I tend to get horrible dark circles under my eyes. :(

I can't think of anything I've done in the past few years that would have made my skin turn on me, except for that I'm not using the same skin care? My mum used to make and sell her own skin care range that I would use every day, but now that she no longer makes it I'm using anything that I see bloggers and vloggers raving about. 

Oh how I wish I had flawless skin again </3

Does anyone know of any AMAZING skin care products? 


Saturday, 1 March 2014

February Favorites.

Happy March everyone!

Since I'm quite new to the whole blogging world, I've never had the opportunity to do a monthly favorites I thought I'd give it a go, especially because I've really been loving a selection of products this month.

First is something I purchased quite recently. The 'Michael Todd Skin Loving Face Wipes'. Technically I didn't actually buy these, they were just a little extra thrown in with my last order...But oh man do I love them! First of all, the smell is incredible! It's cucumber scented, which I know a lot of people aren't a big fan of, but personally I love it! Also they're soooo refreshing! If I'm having a make up free day, I'll use these when I wake up for a nice pick me up/refresh. I LOVE them!

Second is my super amazing ARTDECO bronzer. The weather hasn't been too bad lately and my skin has been rather nice to me, so instead of wearing a heavy full coverage foundation I've just been wearing concealer under my eyes, and this bronzer to add some color. Also It's matte so it can also be used to contour. My favorite thing about it though, is the fact that it is so pigmented! So I'm sure it wont be hitting pan any time soon. Yaaaay!

As well as not wearing a lot of make up this month I've also given my hair a break from styling tools and being tied up a lot, so my 'Mythic Oil' has been my best friend. I'm not really too sure how to explain it but if I'm going out and my hair just looks Blehh, I'll just run some Mythic Oil through it and  BAM! It instantly looks ten times better. Not only does it put some shine back into my hair but it's a miracle worker for making the ends look a lot less brittle.

Next is my current absolute favorite nail polish! There's something about blue nail polish that I just go crazy for. Anyway, this is the OPI nail polish in 'Last Friday Night' and I'm pretty sure it was part of the Katy Perry collection that came out a while ago. It's basically just tiny little bits of blue and silver confetti and glitter which looks so cute on the nails. I think it would be a really nice color for the summer, also it reminds me of the beach...?

And last but not least, my Revlon Lip Butter in 'Tutti Frutti', but really I've just been loving orange lips in general. I find an orange lip to be so much fun and can turn a plain makeup look into something a bit different. I particularly like my orange lip butter because it's not as opaque or intense as a lipstick, so it was a nice transition into an orange lipstick.

So that is all my February Favorites! I'll try and do a post like this every month, unless I haven't really been liking or trying anything new...We'll see :)

What have you been loving this month? If you've written a February Favorites post be sure to link it in the comments and I'll jump over and give it a read!