Sunday, 30 November 2014

My Old Stories.

Hello Everyone! 

A few days ago I came home to see that my Angel of a mother had cleaned my disgusting excuse for a bedroom(Definitely one of the best things about still living at home). Believe it or not, I have managed to keep it clean.

Anyway, while rummaging through the array of old clothes and well...just rubbish really. I found this.

But Sarah, what is it?!?

Growing up I was always that kid who had my nose buried inside a book. I absolutely loved reading, and when I turned 13 I decided that I wanted to have a go at writing stories myself. And that's exactly what this folder contains.

I loved coming up with stories, although some of them were based on 'Real Events'. I must have found writing to be kind of therapy when I was having a bad day or when something specifically horrible was happening. 
I remember sitting in the back of class brainstorming ideas and drawing book covers when I was suppose to doing school work. And then rushing home from school so I could work on them some more.  

I had so many ideas! I'm not to sure how my 13 year old self actually came up with all of them, its insane! Out of all stories I had come up with, there was only one that I actually managed to finish. Reading it now brings back so many memories, and despite some awful grammar and spelling mistakes it's actually...alright?
You go 13 year old Sarah!

It was HUNDREDS of pages long and even had it's own front cover. In a short summary, it's about a girl who lives in foster care, after her father suddenly dies in a car accident. Unfortunately for her, her foster parents are nothing short of evil. After finding out she has family who are still alive she makes it her mission to find them and escape her horrible foster parents. It also addresses issues like Bullying, Peer Pressure and Boys. Ooooooooh.
13 Year old Sarah was so deep. 

Growing up I loved writing these stories, and I still do love to write when ever I get the time. Hence me starting my blog. 

Does anyone else have a burning desire to write? 


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