Saturday, 20 February 2016

Schwarzkoph Live Colour Ultra Brights: Review

Hello everyone,

A while ago on my blog I wrote THIS post. Hoping that one day I'd finally pluck up the courage to dye my hair a wild, eye catching colour! Well, that day has come!
As many of you might know, I have blue hair! 
I get a lot of questions about my sonic inspired locks, so I thought I'd write a blog post answering your questions.

A few months ago, I was feeling quite bored with my current hairstyle. So I thought, why not change it up? I'm not entirely sure what made me jump straight to blue hair? I guess I was feeling adventurous.

The dye I used was the 'Schwarzkoph Live Colour Ultra Brights' in 'Electric Blue'. It's an absolutly stunning colour! The only downside, is it took 6 boxes of dye just to cover the lower ends of my hair. Now admididly my hair is quite thick, but 6 boxes!? Luckily because the end result was so amazing, I let that slide.

My first intention was to dye my whole head blue, but after some traumatic experiences with really bad re-growth, I thought I'd best stick to just the ends. I applied the dye all over the ends of my hair, making sure it was completely saturated.
 Also I should add that I had slightly pre-lightened the ends of my hair in preparation. I'll leave a picture below so you can see how light it was.
 I left the color on for approximately 30 minutes. After this time I washed and dried my hair, and viola! Blueness!



I've really grown attached to my blue hair, so I think I'll keep it for a little while longer.
If you're thinking of dying your hair a new crazy colour, I'd highly recommend the 'Schwarzkoph Live Colour Ultra Brights'. Just a few warnings. 
1. It stains EVERYTHING! Be careful!
 2. Despite the fact it's advertised as a semi permanent 'wash in wash out', it does not wash out! So just know, you'll be stuck with it for a little while. 
3. I find that sometimes when I wake up and I've been sweating through the night, some of the dye transfers onto my neck. But that's no biggie as normal face cleanser washes it straight off. 
Besides that, I love it! Each box cost me 6 New Zealand dollars, so it's a much cheaper alternative to the hair dressers if you're on a budget. 

I hope this answered some of your questions. As usual, if you have any more burning questions leave them in the comments below.

 And a bonus photo, where I'm channeling my inner super villain!


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