Monday, 3 February 2014

LUSH Valentines Cosmetics: Review.

Hello everyone!

The other day, my mum and I decided to do a bit of shopping and of course I had to make a quick trip into LUSH. Now when it comes to limited addition stock in lush such as Christmas and Halloween products, I always know exactly when there coming out and get super hyped up. But when it comes to their Valentines day stock I always seem to forget about I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a table full of pretty pink, sweet smelling cosmetics.

'The Kiss Lip Gloss'
 'Love Locket Bath Ballistic'
 'Close To You Massage Bar'

I didn't pick up too much as I was a little short on cash, but I did pick up enough to be able to have a nice relaxing pamper evening once I got home. So as I've used them all now I thought I'd give you guys a quick review.

The first product which captured my eye was the 'Love Locket Bath Ballistic'. It is hugeeee! As soon as I picked it up one of the ladies working there came bouncing up to me and said "If you break open the locket(bath ballistic) there's a smaller heart inside of it'. I was sold! How cool does that sound. But like the dummy I am, before my bath I forgot to crack it open and just chucked it straight in....oh well. Once it dissolved, the bath water turned pink and there were little paper hearts cute! It smells between a citrus and floral scent(I'm the worst person at describing smells). And the smell also lingered in the bathroom for quite a while, although sadly not too long on my skin. Other than that, I'd say it's a very luxurious bath ballistic, perfect for an indulgent Valentines day treat.

RRP: £6.95
The second product I purchased was the 'Close To You' massage bar. I LOVE massage bars so much! If you don't know what a massage bar is, it's a bar you use to massage yourself...(obviously), and they're just filled with loads of essential oils that make your feel skin silky smooth. This massage bar smells a lot like 'Creamy Candy Bubble Bar', which I love also. It moisturized my skin so well and the smell lingered on my skin for a good while. This massage bar is definitely one to buy for Valentines.

RRP: £5.50

And last but not least I picked up 'The Kiss' Lip gloss. I've never tried a lip gloss or lip tint from LUSH, so I was excited to try this one. First of all, it smells beautiful..really nice and fruity. I would say it's more of a balm than a gloss, even though it does give your lips a slightly sheen look as a lip gloss would. It's super creamy and the texture is a lot like a massage bar. And last but not least it leaves the slightest Pearly pink tint on your lips which I love! If there had to be one real downside, it would be that it's very hard to resist eating it while its on your lips...other than that I'm obsessed! 
RRP: £5.75
So that is everything I got from LUSH...I was going to pick up the prince charming shower gel, but I found the smell to be slightly odd and I wasn't too sure whether it was my kind of scent...
But anyway I hope these little reviews now make you want to go out to LUSH and treat yourself. I'd definitely recommend all the products that I bought, and if you've tried any of their other Valentines day stock leave a comment saying which ones and if you liked them! :)


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