Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Health and Fitness #2: Rough Start.

Hello everyone!

It's Thursdaaaay! Which means that it is time for my second 'Health and Fitness' blog post. 

I started eating healthy and exercising exactly two weeks ago tomorrow, and out of those fourteen days I've eaten bad food(chocolate) four times. I don't personally think that's too bad...Although I'm starting to regret it, as it's been two weeks and I haven't really seen any change in my body. Plus I've only lost about a pound. Waaah.

I'm usually able to drop weight quite quickly, and also stick to a reasonably strict healthy diet...but I'm really finding it hard! I've been craving bad food all the time and I constantly feel hungry. As for my exercise, I've been active everyday doing a little bit of cardio but mostly just body weight exercises(Push ups, sit ups etc.) 

Even though its only been two weeks, I absolutely hate not seeing results as it just completely throws me off. But don't worry i'm 100% committed and am not ready to give up!...which is what I usually do.

Hopefully in the next two week I'll start seeing some results and I'm able to say no to all the horrible bad foods that I love so much.

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