Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cornetto Trilogy.

Hello everyone! 

Todays blog post is a little bit different....but I'm all for expressing and sharing what I love no matter how pointless or random. So for those of you who have never herd of it, I would like to introduce you to the 'Cornetto Trilogy'. If you're like me and watch way to many movies, or you're just looking for a new, funny, easy to watch movie for tonight, then hopefully you'll appreciate this blog post. 

When I was fifteen I was introduced to the movie 'Shaun Of The Dead'. I ended up loving it so much that I watching it EVERYDAY after school for the next two months, and to this day it still continues to be my favorite movie ever! Shortly after my two month obsession I watched the movie Hot Fuzz, which is also directed by Edgar Write, and both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost start as the two main characters. My mums boyfriend at the time was also a HUGE fan of the two movies and he's the person who told me about the Cornetto 'connection' between the two movies and also that they were planning to make a third movie to create the 'Cornetto Trilogy'. The excitement was real! Unfortunately in 2013 once the final movie came out my mum was no longer with her partner who originally introduced my to the 'Trilogy', but me and my mum went and saw 'The Worlds End', and it was sooo good! Although to me it felt like the end of an era, and I was pretty lame is that!? 

Best movie ever!
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Although these three movies aren't exactly a 'True Trilogy', they do have a related item(The Cornetto ice cream) and all three of the films have a similar running gag involving jumping over garden fences. For those of you who have no idea why the three movies are called the 'Cornetto Trilogy', I'll give you a quick heads up...

Each film in the trilogy is connected to a Cornetto ice cream, all with a different flavor. Shaun Of The Dead includes a strawberry flavored Cornetto to symbolize the blood in the movie. Hot Fuzz features the blue original Cornetto to symbolize the police uniforms, and The Worlds End includes the green mint chocolate chip Cornetto which signifys the alien and science fiction elements in the movie.  

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So if you're looking for one...or three movies to watch tonight, please watch these! They're such a good laugh! And good to watch with anyone, your family, your friends, even your cat...I don't judge. 

Sorry if you're not into this type of blog post, but I think it's nice to do something different every once in a while. Plus I watched Shaun Of The Dead last night after not watching it in ageeees, and it just completely blew my mind! So I thought I'd share..

Does anyone else LOVE this 'Trilogy'?


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