Friday, 3 January 2014

Boutique obsessed!

Around this time last year I had a huuuuuge obsession with online boutiques! One in particular called Peppermayo.

I'd heard about it before through friends but never really given it a second thought, as I always thought boutiques were way to over priced! But of course in the end my curiosity took over, and before you know it I was hooked.

Still to this day Peppermayo is my favorite online boutique, although I've managed to restrain myself from wanting to buy everything.

The first dress i ever purchased from Peppermayo.

Some people may still argue that it is over priced, but to me personally that's not the case. For me, when i'm purchasing something, not only am I paying for the item itself but i'm also paying for things like, customer service or if it's online, how organised the company are when it comes to shipping and payment. For example, I don't want to buy something if it's going to take three months to get to me, or if the person serving me is rude or spiteful I don't think i'd be inclined to keep shopping there.

So the reason I keep going back to Peppermayo is because not only are their products unique and good quality, but:
1. Their shipping is unbelievably fast and stress free. and...
2. From starting their small online Facebook boutique to now, Their customer service has always been impeccable! All the girls that work there are so lovely, and I think that's one of the big reasons why their boutique has grown so big over the past year.

So if you've never shopped at Peppermayo, I HIGHLY recommend it! They've always got new stock coming in, they've always got amazing sales on, and even thought they're an Australian boutique they ship worldwide, so definitely go check them out.

Anyone else know any amaaaazing online boutiques?


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