Sunday, 26 January 2014

My Favorite Haircare.

About a year ago, after a long night of reading review after review on different hair care, I was introduced to the TIGI S factor range. I had read so many amazing reviews on the products and completely fell in love, until I saw the semi-expensive price tag. I wasn't sure weather I could justify spending 35 pounds on a shampoo and conditioner. I was always a drugstore kind of girl when it came to hair care and never steered towards the salon products, but at the time my hair wasn't in the best state and I thought I'd treat myself.

When I purchased it, the first thing I noticed was that both the shampoo and conditioner smelt like strawberries and cream, as does the whole range which I later found out...YUM! I purchased the 'smoothing' shampoo and conditioner, and one year on I'm still addicted! It's still to this day my favorite shampoo and conditioner. It makes your hair feel amazing and also makes the ends look a lot less brittle...and of course my personal favorite part! It makes your hair smell good enough to eat! And I always find myself sniffing my hair, which must look a bit odd to other people..but I cant help myself!

Holy grail hair care! On the left: TIGI S factor smoothing shampoo and conditioner. On the right: Herbal Essence Long term relationship.

As you can see I do have another 'favorite' shampoo and conditioner...The Herbal Essence 'Long term relationship' shampoo and conditioner. I like to call this one my favorite 'drugstore' hair care, just because it's about a quarter of the price of my TIGI S factor shampoo and conditioner, and I only use it because I don't want my hair to get to used to my higher end hair care, just in case I cant afford it.

I absolutely love trying out different drugstore hair care, but for a while there wasn't really one I got hooked on, until I tried this! The reason I bought it was because I was looking for a new shampoo and conditioner to try out, and I always love checking out the Herbal Essence range only because they all smell sooo good! I picked up the 'Long term relationship' shampoo and a little old lady with the most well looked after hair I've ever seen on an older woman may i just say, came up to me and said "Ohhh that stuff is amazing! I used to be a hair dresser and that's far better than at least half the products we had in the salon" and walked off again. A bit bizarre but I thought why not and added it to my basket.

Now I would like to thank that old lady, if she's reading this(which she probably isn't) Because it really is the best drugstore shampoo and conditioner I've ever used! Even better than some salon hair care of my mums that I've used. It's raspberry scented and smells absolutely amazing! Again...have to restrain myself for eating it! Also it claims to 'Help prevent split ends', and I can truly say that since I've been using it I've had a lot less split ends. The last thing I love about this shampoo and conditioner is that it doesn't completely strip your hair of its naturally oils which I find a lot of drugstore hair care does. I mean, it doesn't help hydrate your hair, but it doesn't dry it out either.

So there you have it, they are my two absolute favorite shampoos and conditioners! If you're on a budget and need some good hair care definitely give the Herbal Essence a go, otherwise if you like to go for the higher end option, the TIGI S factor range is incredible!

Has anyone else tried these out?
Whats your favorite hair care?

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