Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nintendo nostalgia.

Hello everyone!

So as you know the other day I was feeling a little bit under the weather. And that's kind of where I got the inspiration to write this post.

One thing I didn't include on my 'Things to do whilst sick and bored at home' list, was video games. Believe it or not, I'm a sucker for spending a majority of my spare time playing PlayStation, computer games etc..My love for spending all my free time on games stems from when I was about ten. My younger brother got a PlayStation 2 for Christmas along with a selection of games, including the world famous Sims, which at one point in your life i'm sure you were addicted too(there is not point in trying to hide it). Me and my brother got quite addicted to playing the Sims! Mainly because we lived about twenty minutes out of town and also it was winter so it was absolutely freezing outside. After getting a little bit bored of the Sims we started playing Age of Empires, which I still LOVE to this day! And we also dug up our old Nintendo 64 and spent a lot of time on that, playing Mario Kart.

So anyway, I need to stop rambling! Like I was saying, when I'm sick or even just stuck at home, the first thing I'll do is get the old Nintendo 64 out, or at the moment I'm really enjoying Happy Wheels...
I would be playing the Sims, but I got mad at it because all my characters kept dying...and I'm not really to sure why? I'm not bad at looking after them! I think the game just doesn't like me...

So yeah, once again a bit of a weird post today but I wanted to write it just because the other day whilst feeling like crap, my brother decided to get out the Nintendo after two years of not playing it! And it just felt very nostalgic to me...playing Mario Kart for like three hours straight with my brother and his friend. And to be honest, little things like that really do make me feel a lot better, and just happier. Probably because for me personally, feeling nostalgic is one of the best feelings ever! I just love that feeling of when you do, or hear, or see something and it brings back a thousand and one memories.

What are some things that make you feel better when you're down?


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