Sunday, 19 January 2014

Feeling poorly.

Hello everyone! So today I woke up feeling like absolute crap! And when I'm sick, my day consists of three things. Sleeping, Marmite toast, and online shopping!

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So since I'm all tucked up in bed with nothing to do, I thought I'd write a blog post. When I'm feeling sick, or even just down, I have a whole list of things I turn to in order to cheer me up, so I thought I would share them with you. And hopefully if you're feeling sick or a bit upset, this will put a smile on your face!

1. Writing/Blogging- For as long as I can remember I've loved to write! Growing up I always kept a journal, I used to love writing stories, and I have piles and piles of diaries filled with random notes and things which I scribble down all the time. I guess that's where I got the inspiration to start a blog..

2. Marmite toast- I'm sure everyone has a food they love to indulge in when they're sick...weirdly mine happens to be Marmite on toast. I just love it! Makes me feel a lot better!

3. Baths- Having a bath after a long hard day just sounds like heaven to me! Especially if you add some sort of super luxurious bath melt(I would recommend LUSH's Ceridwen's's incredible!) and a nice soothing face mask!

4. Online shopping!- I am the worst when it comes to online shopping! Everything just looks so much more tempting! And purchasing a few little goodies online always puts me in a good mood...until I check my bank balance after...oops!

5. YouTube- YouTube is my savior for when I'm stuck at home feeling like crap! There's so many amazing and hilarious videos that always seem to put me in the best mood! I'm always watching different make-up tutorials and things, but I do love a bit of Jenna Marbles for when I need a good laugh!

6. Movies/T.v- When I'm feeling sick, I love being able to just chill out on the sofa and watch T.v. Even though it's not to everyone taste, I love Family guy! And Geordie shore is my guilty pleasure...I even got my mum hooked on watching it!

7. Feedback?- Something that never fails to cheer me up is when I get a message from someone saying they enjoyed something that I wrote on my blog, or it helped them in some way. It's so humbling and it really does put me in the best mood! Thank you xx

8. Funny pictures- And last but certainly not least....funny pictures! Sounds kinda weird, but I love it when I'm scrolling through Facebook or Tumblr and I see a picture/quote that actually makes me Laugh out loud! Is that weird? I don't know?

So I'll leave you now with a photo I found today, that really did make me chuckle!

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Look how cute they are!!!!!

I hope you're all feeling a lot better than me today, but if you are feeling poorly I hope that this post made you smile!


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